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Statement of GTA (UK) Managing Director David Skinner on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and GTA (UK) operations.


As GTA (UK) is a healthcare company involved in the supply and distribution of often vital medical products and devices, we have taken a number of measures in response to the COVID-19 situation and its effects.


Our priorities are


  • to continue to fulfil orders, both to the NHS and to our private customers
  • to maintain safe continuity of supply from our manufacturing partners
  • to take appropriate measures to ensure the continued safety of our employees
  • to act in accordance with current Government guidelines to limit and contain the potential spread of coronavirus disease


We are aware that we have many private and NHS customers who rely a timely delivery of our products. We will continue to do this efficiently and safely.



GTA distributes a wide range of medical devices and equipment to NHS hospitals, private hospitals, GP practices and direct to private customers

We are based in Nottingham with a 2500 sq ft warehouse.


We are exclusive UK distributors for the following companies


We are now working with Cover srl, an Italian manufacturer of high quality disposable sheaths for flexible Cystoscopes and Nasopharyngoscopes. They have also developed a premixed ready to use nasal dressing with haemostatic effect called HemoGel.

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